I have thirty-five years of experience in all aspects of dairy cattle management specializing in reproduction, plus the ability to market and export U.S. genetics worldwide. I have traveled internationally introducing new ideas and at the same time reviewing management skills to help breeders make improvements in their operations and reach projected goals.

Cow Signals Certified Master


1980-Present: Partner in Paulen Farms, Inc. Manage all areas of the farms dairy enterprise, i.e. reproduction, embryo transfer, herd health, mastitis, hoof trimming, calf care, feed inputs and employees. Provide top genetics to the dairy industry through bulls that have entered worldwide artificial insemination programs.

1988-Present: Owner and sole proprietor of Breed Improvement Services, Inc. Founded company on the basis of the worldwide demand for American genetics. Exported frozen embryos and semen to Western Europe, England, Australia, Russia and South Africa. Exported live animals to Australia. Held workshops in both Italy and Russia that focused on improving reproductive performance in dairy cattle.


1976-1980: Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University in Dairy Science.


2014: Honorable Mention from Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council for high reproductive efficiency.
2015: Bronze Award from Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council for high reproductive efficiency.
2015: Silver Award from National Dairy Quality Council for milk quality, cow comfort, udder health, and protocols for treatment and prevention.


1980-Present: Member of Holstein Association of America and Michigan Holstein Association.

2005–Present: Board member of Winfield Township Board of Review.


Calf care with 1% calf mortality for the past 5 years; exceedingly high artificial insemination conception and pregnancy rates; ability to maintain low involuntary cull rates; produce quality low SCC milk and reduce the incidence of mastitis; employee management to maintain long-term employee management relationships; marketing of bovine genetics worldwide.


International travel, studying dairy cattle genetics, reading, spending weekends at my cottage and cooking

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