TP Block - The Orthopedic Hoof Block for Cattle


From Rigidity to Comfort

TP Block is the new generation of orthopedic hoof blocks for cattle made entirely of wear-resistant polyurethane. This innovative polyurethane patent uses new technology that improves your animal’s well-being and offers unmatched traction, comfort and wear compared to traditional wooden or rubber blocks. The TP Block works with bicomponent polyurethane adhesives and takes its technology from the sports-horse industry.

What Sets TP Block Apart


TP Block is symmetrical and can be applied to any claw of any hoof.

Functionality and Animal Well-Being

TP Block allows the treated part of the hoof to heal and corrects lameness due to podal disorders with immediate effect on ambulation static and dynamic balance of the animal. TP Block significantly reduces the pain and stress resulting from inflammation, necrosis and other pathological processes that plague the foot and particularly the distal portion of the hoof. Healthy and comfortable animals have increased productivity and longevity.


TP Block is longer than a traditional wooden block. It covers the heels and provides an excellent support to the foot by reducing strains on the flexor tendons. It is flexible and easily molded with a pincher to get the desired shape or angle. TP Block dimensions:
1 7/8" wide × 4 ¾" long × 9/16" thick


TP Block is made of 100% abrasion-resistant polyurethane material that is also flexible for excellent comfort while walking. The manufacturer, Tecnoplastica Perletti, also uses this polyurethane to produce hoof blocks for the equine industry to replace traditional metal irons, and also can manufacture blocks made of bio-degradable materials.


TP Block can be applied with all types of polyurethane adhesives. The cylindrical ridges maintain a gap between the Block and the hoof’s surface to ensure an even and complete layer of adhesive. While the glue is being applied the animal can suddenly move or the trimmer can unevenly apply pressure and the glue thickness will remain uniform between the surface of the Block and hoof. Additionally because the Block is 9/16” high, thinner than the available models, it is better able to keep the animal’s weight off the injured claw when she walks. For maximum retention it is best to heat the Tp Block before applying the glue.

Resistance and Traction

TP Block is made of resistant polyurethane and its durability has been proven on several types of flooring (grating, cement, full cement, rubber, litter). After three weeks of contact with abrasive and hard surfaces, the Block’s thickness didn’t change and there was only insignificant wear. Traditional wooden blocks wear excessively on abrasive surfaces, which makes the additional thickness unneeded. The traction of the Block ensures support, adhesion and mobility even on wet or slippery surfaces that are inaccessible with normal wooden or rubber blocks.


The average time the Block should be on the cow is three weeks, though after several months still will not show any wear.

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